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Free gas cards!

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Free gas cards!

Post  nancym on Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:08 am

How many people here know about this one? Someone on Open Congress posted this and I put it up also on the Benefit Wiki:

"It was/is part of the stimulus package. To my knowledge all states have them. It is governed by the state DOL for career change/advancement...

for florida.

Just note, that it will more than likely require registering with the local one stop, at least 2 interviews, and you will need to keep a record or time sheet to qualify for the gas cards.

I am in PA, I need to demonstrate 10 events (days) in a month to qualify for the next month. I got a great advisor, I email the forms every 2 weeks and pick up the gas cards at the end of the month. "

Links for this:

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