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FHP and the July 4th weekend

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FHP and the July 4th weekend

Post  Unemployed In Orlando on Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:25 am

I noticed a pretty interesting stat today about the number of incidents over the July 4th weekend as reported by the FHP, Florida Highway Patrol, now remember this does not include any local city or county law enforcement agencies.

98 DUI arrests

1,928 citations for safety belt-related offenses

4,548 speeding citations

19 fatalities and 66 alcohol-related crashes

Now dont take me wrong, I of all people are glad there was a huge reduction in the amount of holiday DUI's. However, I find it odd to have that many speeding and seat belt violations, especially in the wake of the new seat belt state law at $100 bucks a pop.

Maybe Im just drawing too many irrational conclusions in my head, but I also find it odd where a guy can ride a motorcycle in this state with no helmet legally but we must click it or pay $100+ bucks. affraid
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