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I want a job, I am qualified, I am out of funds and luck....what is next? Time?

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I want a job, I am qualified, I am out of funds and luck....what is next? Time?

Post  katattack on Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:27 am

I was laid off in Nov 2008 the first to go in a business I helped build as a manager, which is why I was cut loose, make sense? Cut my hours down to nothing then get rid of me altogether.
Better to have a person (in high school) willing or able to take minimum wage (who also showed up for work when ever they felt like it)?
Well working many many years in retail ,learning to be the best at what I do, and in management, along with adult responsibilities, I can not do that , but then again I was not even given a choice or I would have done it to pay bills!...
Then the employer 2 times appealed my getting unemployment!..Thankfully my release was clearly not of my doing...Then the Government decided what time periods to use and what they would dole out, after all my hours and work 147.00 a week...better than nothing YES, livable hardly, but I managed somehow, had to move, cut back, way back to take care of my responsibilities. WELL the first amount of your original claim seems to be the only time you actually get what you are told you will get......anything after that is a crap shoot....EB, well you get even less, then if you get close to the next, well less again and then the Government or someone decided "hey lets give you an additional emergency tier, or some other kind of tier, but then we will take all of that back from you since you got EB, which is from the Federal and the State wants to keep their money so here you go"....really?
all of the sudden I have to pay back the extended benefit tiers because I got an Eb on the original ......ISN'T THAT WHAT EXTENSIONS ARE FOR BECAUSE YOU RUN OUT OF ONE AND THERE IS STILL 12% UNEMPLOYMENT FLORIDA!..I am on one tier and I have say 500. left in that tier and "they" switch me mid stream to another tier only to keep MY 500.00 I had left and tell me I will get say 1300.00 in this new emergency tier, and when I claim weeks for that I get a payment for 102.00...PERIOD.....OK...WHERE IS MY 500.00....YOU TOOK WHEN I WAS NOT FINISHED WITH THAT TIER AND NOW I GET ONLY 100. OUT OF 1300. AND THAT IS IT? AND ALL I GET IT WELL "THEY" SAID....You are taking out of these new funds ANY money we got in EB? WHY WHY WHY?.......then again I get one last tier of 600. and I get a payment of 300.00 and all the sudden I have NOTHING...
again you have taken 300.00 because I got EB...WHO IS THEY?????? I can never get an answer to that and can only assume they is the State of Florida since when the money started coming from what the state is to put into this unemployment compensation, the State does not want to really help out so they take back anything I am supposed to be getting because I got a small amount of extended benefits following the original claim which is paid from a fund by the employer....and then "they" say we are taking back any money you received from that, from any money WE will be now (or supposed to be) sending you of which mine was about 1600.00....YOU "they" want to take BACK 1600.00 from a person who is living in a area of 12 % unemployment and I think that is a smaller number, and so many business here have closed that this town is called zombie town, that I can not find a job.....AND THEN "in checking on why this is happening and having someone look at my file I am told well "they" say they took the last of your money to make up the 1600.00 and it shows only 800.00 so far...800.00?? I can add....500.00. 1200.00. 300.00 =2000.00 , then I was told it would be looked at because well that did not look right, then all the sudden I am told well "they" say they have not taken anything but the 300.00...not it has gone from 800 to 300 'they have taken"..but my records show 2000.00 which by the way "they " is 400.00 more than the 1600.00 you wanted to take for no reason.
Then I am told well the only thing you can do is write a letter to ask where your funds went and etc etc etc, hope to get an answer back while I still HAVE an address to receive it because not I am OUT OF FUNDS, NO JOB after looking every day for over a year, and now am looking at the news and hear, Daytona bike week is suffering from the ECONOMY..................
"THEY" are suffering fron the economy? I AM SUFFERING FROM THE ECONOMY, and now hear is the news lady talking about MORE JOB CUTS....
Gov Crist, I hope all of this is not interrupting your breakfast, lunch or dinner in your nice home, with your nice family and nice car, nice INCOME paid by people like me who have worked in Florida for 30 years, but can not get a response from you, only some lame uncaring automated nonsense telling us to go here and there for help, when we have already tried and there is none, especially for those of us who fall between the cracks, who are out of unemployment even sooner than expected because you, I mean "they" took 2000.00 from my funds I was supposed to be getting......But don't let that bother you Gov Crist, since you must be busy working on that tan of yours, on your paid vacation with your family who, I am sure has more than they need and healthcare to boot!.'

Yes we can just sit out here chewing ours nails and try to ignore the pain in my chest from all the stress, well since I don't have insurance because I don't have a job, and I am broke, I guess it matters not that I too have a family to care for that need me, and in trying the very best I can, can sit here while you do nothing....No word of any more extensions...oh that's right, "they" would take it back anyway...GOOD JOB...Hope you sleep at night....I find it rather difficult with worry of how tomorrow will be.

Florida, my Birthplace.....yea


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Re: I want a job, I am qualified, I am out of funds and luck....what is next? Time?

Post  Unemployed In Orlando on Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:52 am

Thanks for your story Karen, it sounds like you have been rung through the ringers like many of us. I appreciate your registration and contribution to the site, and look forward to seeing you around. Very Happy
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