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Unemployed Floridians Encouraged to Apply for Florida Back to Work Jobs

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Unemployed Floridians Encouraged to Apply for Florida Back to Work Jobs

Post  Unemployed In Orlando on Sat May 22, 2010 1:32 pm

Taken from the floridajobs.org site >> http://www.floridajobs.org/publications/news_rel/unemployedencouragedFBTW.htm


TALLAHASSEE – Agency for Workforce Innovation Director Cynthia R. Lorenzo is encouraging unemployed parents to apply for the thousands of jobs currently available through the Florida Back to Work program. Funded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and previously announced by Governor Charlie Crist, this program provides jobs for Floridians who meet low-income requirements and have a minor child at home.

Under the federal guidelines for the program, most parents receiving unemployment compensation benefits would be eligible. As an example, a parent whose family income is $44,100 or less for a family of four would potentially qualify. Please visit www.floridajobs.org and click on the Florida Back to Work icon, then click on “Am I Eligible?” for a list of frequently asked questions related to eligibility guidelines.

More than 7,300 job openings for the Florida Back to Work program are currently listed online on the Employ Florida Marketplace, www.employflorida.com. These positions range from entry-level to high-skill at a wide range of employers throughout the state, including local government and non-profit organizations, information technology firms, restaurants, manufacturing companies and child care centers. The majority of jobs are in the $9- to $14-per-hour pay range. Job seekers can also call AWI at 1-877-362-5032 or visit their local One-Stop Career Center for more information on jobs available through Florida Back to Work.

Although federal funding for Florida Back to Work currently ends on September 30, 2010, the majority of participating businesses plan to keep employees hired through the program. Additionally, Florida Back to Work is being monitored at the federal level and funding may be extended.

For job seekers who are not eligible for Florida Back to Work, the state workforce system offers a wide variety of job placement and job training programs and the Employ Florida Marketplace currently lists more than 180,000 job openings. Please visit your local One-Stop Career Center or www.floridajobs.org, or call AWI at 1-877-362-5032 for information on available job placement and job training programs in your area.
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