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How many here are "99ers"?

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How many here are "99ers"?

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How many here are "99ers"?

Post  nancym on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:00 am

I was just wondering what our unemployment "demographic" is here. Since momentum for added benefits for the "99ers" is growing, and everyone will be a "99er" eventually, unless you find a job, I'm posting this survey to see what proportion of our over 600 members are without benefits. I think people are starting to use the term "99er" even for those who never got anywhere near 99 weeks, but who just exhausted all benefits, no matter how few weeks.

The poll has no end date, so it will be a continuing tally. Strength in numbers!

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Re: How many here are "99ers"?

Post  Jeff on Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:07 pm

I have ten weeks of EB remaining. After that I'll be a 73er rather than 99er because my benefits are based on the part time job I took after my regular full time job in construction vanished.


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