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Tech grads top earners


Tech grads top earners

School leads state in starting salary

August 11, 2010

While most of the students who moved into Florida
Tech dorms Tuesday were your typical strapped-
for-cash college kids, they should be able to afford
plenty of pizza in a few years.

The 2010-2011 College Salary Report places the
salaries for Florida Tech bachelor's degree
graduates at the top of the list for private research
universities in Florida.

The study, published by PayScale.com, which tracks
compensation data, puts Florida Tech graduates'
starting median salary at $50,700 and mid-career
median salary at $84,500. "Median" is defined as
half of the employees who are graduates of the
school will earn more than that salary; half will earn

That gives hope to students like Justin Blackman,
18, who just moved here from Barbados and will
start at Florida Tech as a freshman Monday.

"That makes me feel secure for the future because
you want to know that you'll be able to get a job that
pays well," Blackman said Tuesday. "Maybe someday
I can afford to live here permanently and not in a
dorm room."

Dona Gaynor, director of career management
services at Florida Tech, said she wasn't surprised
by the report because of the types of degrees
offered at Florida Tech, where tuition for a full-time
undergraduate engineering and science student is

"The majority of our graduates majored in career
fields that include high-paying occupations such as
engineering, computer science, and other technical
fields," Gaynor said. "These majors are still seeing
modest starting salary increases even as other
majors are seeing decreases in this tough economic

The National Association of Colleges & Employers
recently reported that engineering majors account
for four of the five most highly paid majors for the
class of 2010. The fifth major was computer
science, which also is offered at Florida Tech.

Gaynor credited Florida Tech's Career Management
Services Office as a reason for their success in
churning out well-paid graduates. The office
provides a slew of services to assist students and
alumni get work in this struggling economy.

Of Florida Tech students who graduated with a
bachelor's in December 2008 or May 2009, 92
percent are either employed, enrolled in graduate
school, entering the military or have other plans
and are not seeking employment. Eight percent of
the graduates are still seeking employment.

"We have seen a decrease in the number of
employers who visit the campus and the number of
job postings in the past two years and this has
made it more difficult for students to find full-time
employment," Gaynor said.

"It takes much longer now for students to secure
employment and it requires more work on the part
of the job seeker. However, I believe that the
majority of our students are majoring in fields that
are still in demand."

The next closest private research university in
Florida is Nova Southeastern University in Davie
with a starting median salary of $43,100 and a mid-
career salary of $69,400. Stetson University, a
private school in Deland, had a higher mid-career
salary for its graduates at $85,200, but it is not
considered a research university like Florida Tech.
California Institute of Technology graduates had the highest starting median salary in the US for private research universities at $69,900. Princeton had graduates with the highest mid-career median salary at $123,000.

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Only 17 percent of Florida's small firms expect to hire soon

Post  sc4ram on Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:51 am


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Daya Medicals, a medical manufacturer based in Miami, plans to hire about 60 workers

Post  sc4ram on Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:58 am

Marcia Pounds - Sun Sentinel

Daya Medicals, a medical manufacturer based in Miami, plans to hire about 60 workers in positions including managed care, bioinformatics, technical support, human resources, telecommunications, packers and shippers.

The firm developed the MedPod, a mobile unit used to deliver patient-customized medication dosages.

Resumes can be sent to resumes@dayamed.com.

Dr. Kanti Daya, chief executive officer and medical officer, said benefits of the MedPod include insurance incentives, lower drug confusion and abuse, and increased lines of communication between caregiver and patient, eliminating errors, fraud, and waste.

For more information on the employer, visit Daya Medicals.

Monday, Jan. 3, 2011

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