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S.904 and HR 1745 - How dumb can they get!

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S.904 and HR 1745 - How dumb can they get!

Post  nancym on Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:48 pm


Call Congress!

One of the provisions of these bills, which would take all extended benefits away and give the money to the states to use as they wish, calls for a high school diploma or GED as a requirement to receiving unemployment benefits. Other than possibly being unconstitutional, I don't quite see how some guy or woman in Miami-Dade County, where the unemployment rate is over 13%, will find more jobs to even be able to apply for when he gets that shiny new diploma in his hand. Or for that matter, with a college degree in hand, or even a Ph.D, for pete's sake.

Showing once again how Congress is so far in outer space about what the real jobless situation is on the streets of America.

And I can't wait to find out just what Rick Scott would do with that money. What a joke! Evil or Very Mad

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Re: S.904 and HR 1745 - How dumb can they get!

Post  abanikko on Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:34 pm

This is nothing less than an attack on the people! THIS is why I do believe in Obama. He is the only one willing to openly acknowledge the people and their needs. However I do also know that the country is spending more money than we can possibly afford and it is scary to see the continuance of such.
But the answer is not to close the mind to those in need and try and somehow make them disappear. They purposely do not give enough thought and time to the details of the hardships we face. They DO however spend an extraordinary amount of time addressing the details of exactly how they can discredit the needy and reduce or eliminate assistance to them.
What will be the long term consequences of such? We know we will not go away! How is it they somehow think we will? Take the extended benefits away and give it to the states to do how they see fit???? Well, there is no savings there. But there IS an element of enriching others while expediting the hardships of others. This is redistribution of wealth in its nastiest form.
One thing for sure!!! The state of Florida would have absolutely NO problem in choosing to increase their homeless population10 fold if it meant a buck in their pockets. They'll justify it by discrediting anyone without an education, calling them useless entitlement suckers, lazy drug addicts etc......
Hard work used to mean the harder you worked the better of a life you could secure for yourself and your family. Obviously that is no longer the case here as anyone working their hands to the bone and bloody 10 to 12 hours a day is not perceived as hard workers. The mentality here is those types of people do not deserve a simple life of basic housing, transportation and food. THAT is NOT the America I have EVER known!! Who are we really?


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