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What does "contact five potential employers" really mean?

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What does "contact five potential employers" really mean?

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I am on regular benefits at this time, not extended. I am 95% sure I spoke with a rep in FL some time back who told me that repeated contacts with the same employer counts toward the work search requirement; i.e., send in resume, do a phone interview, do an in-person interview would count as three job contacts toward my five for that week. This may have been a call I made when I filed a claim in summer/fall 2011 rather than since my 2012 claim (I had a job for 7 months this year), but I'm not sure. I do know that the "five contacts" requirement went into effect shortly after I filed my 2011 claim, and I made that phone call some time AFTER the requirement was in effect, but I don't believe I noted any details of that call in my records.

I moved to live with family in CO to avoid homelessness back in September when I could no longer afford my rent plus on FL unemployment. There were no problems going on the interstate claim system after updating via phone with a FL rep. I have filed my online claims since August 2012 (living in FL and CO) with no problems; received my money in a timely fashion, etc. Unfortunately, for the first time ever, I received a verification form to mail in (with no postage/return envelope included; weird--what do they think we are, rich enough living on UC to pay for stamps and envelopes? LOL). It is a form 316, Interstate Reemployment Assistance Eligibility Review Questionnaire. Now I am concerned that the rep who told me multiple same-employer contacts in a given week was fine might have been incorrect, and that upon receiving my form and going through the greater scrutiny that surely goes along with it, they may question my eligibility in some weeks due to multiple contacts with the same employer.

Thoughts, laws, suggestions? I have only a week to return the form now (14 days from 11/14/12 to return it to them).


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