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Salvation Army help for the unemployed

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Salvation Army help for the unemployed

Post  nancym on Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:08 am

Someone posted over on Open Congress that the Salvation Army in their area (somewhere in Midwest) was giving out emergency $300 funds to those who brought in letters from former employers and some other IDs for emergency assistance. I checked and it was true, they have some special funds or grants.

But it seems like their assistance programs vary a lot by location, from what I could tell by browsing the local sites. If you can't find info via Googling Salvation Army, it might be easier to just find the listing for your local SA location and call them up to ask what kind of assistance they might have for unemployed folks. It looks like even if your location doesn't have that program, they might have all kinds of other help-- food pantries, job training, etc., not just their more well-known shelter programs.

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