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Disheartened in Orlando

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Disheartened in Orlando

Post  sher on Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:03 pm

Are there any for real IT jobs around the Orlando area? I’ve applied to several on some well known job hunting sites in the past few weeks. In many cases my resume matches their requirements almost exactly. To date I have had no calls. What’s up with this? I am beginning to think that companies are merely resume surfing and not really hiring. I’m beginning to feel, why bother? In the meantime, paying for my expensive HIPAA medical insurance policy is becoming more of a burden (after having been denied every non-HIPAA policy and I’m not even ill), especially with every single service and utility here in the Orlando area going up. I am open to almost any reasonable job with a livable salary and benefits, or even just a livable salary, but I feel like I’m either under qualified or over qualified for everything. I could use a break here, otherwise I may be living under an I-4 bridge in the near future. Disheartened.


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